Sunday, July 26, 2009

Support Health Care Reform that Respects Life

The New Health Care Reform bill includes abortion as part of the health care plan. It is very simple to email your congressmen and ask them to change this part of the bill.

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Health care reform has been an important topic of debate in the 111th Congress. In the House, three committees have been working to produce a single bill. In the Senate, the Finance Committee and the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee have been working on two separate bills. Of the various health care reform bills introduced or discussed, these three bills—the House bill and the two Senate bills—are taking on the greatest importance.
In a May 20, 2009, statement before the Senate Finance Committee, Bishop William Murphy, Chairman of the Bishops’ Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, reaffirmed the bishops’ support for reforming the U.S. health care system, and stated that “we must also be clear in strongly opposing inclusion of abortion as part of a national health care benefit.” For decades Congress has supported policies not to compel people to pay for abortions with tax dollars. “No health care plan should compel us or others to pay for or participate in the destruction of human life.”

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