Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gethsemani Retreat


I had a wonderful retreat last week at The Abbey of Gethsemane. I very
much needed the silence, deep prayer, and time for reflection. It was a
blessed time and a blessed retreat. I prayed for all of you. I have to
admit I was getting overwhelmed and a little frustrated and discouraged
and then all the questioning begins. One of the exercises my retreat
director had me do was to write down everything I was doing and to
prioritize. So with the personality that I have I sat and wrote down
every thing that I am involved in, everything that I could think of:
reoccurring events, appointments, counseling, groups, committees, annual
events, ministries, sacramental ministry, and everything else. After an
hour or so I realized I had four pages. The funny thing is after I got
done writing it all out and reflecting on everything that I was doing I
realized I so love what I am doing. I love being a priest and I love
being here with you at St. Barnabas. After spending some time in the
Blessed Sacrament chapel and asking God to help me see what he wanted me
to be doing I came out with a very clear focus. He didn't take anything
away, but he did give me direction. After I shared all of this with the
Director he was delighted and pretty entertained too I think.

Having said all that, it's always difficult coming back from a retreat
experience for me. I can get quickly overwhelmed and as you may have
seen on the front of the bulletin my Calendar is gone. You all know I'm
not the most organized person to begin with so this has really caused a
little crisis for me. I don't know what's going on or where I'm
supposed to be so please remind me and be patient with me.

I love you all, Fr. Michael

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