Monday, November 9, 2009

Men's Renewal - Come Holy Spirit - 2009

Dear Friends,

Last weekend was the Men’s Renewal. The 20 men that made the renewal along with the team are very grateful for the prayers and support of the entire parish. It was a very moving weekend. The team, which has been working together for the last five months, was evidently bonded. Joe Russo, Dave Brown, and Bill Cerha brought belly laughs from their skits of Martha and Mary and Pit Bulz 4 Christ. Frank McGroarty (of Bedford Auto, yeah guys they are sponsoring this too
J) did a great job leading the men as the lay director. A special thanks to the families and friends of these men who showed their support and were present both in prayer and in spirit. A Thank You to all the team members that donated so many resources to make the Renewal a more meaningful and memorable experience.
And, yes, ladies we certainly couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for the great dinners and all that you did with helping us plan and put on this weekend. As the weekend came to an end my heart was filled with gratitude. Times like these help me realize how blessed I am to be a parish priest. Formation will begin in two weeks for the next Renewal so please continue to keep these men in your prayers because they are going to help Renew this entire parish.

In the Spirit,

Fr. Michael

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