Monday, December 7, 2009

St. Barnabas Youth Retreat 2009: "Stand up"

Dear Friends,
Last weekend was the Apostleship, now F.U.E.L. Retreat. We had over 35 teens in attendance. It was really a powerful experience of prayer, friendship, and the sacraments. Francine Constantini has worked with the teens for the last few months preparing a team of Juniors and Seniors for this amazing weekend. She is very gifted at relating to the teens and helping them to open up and share with her, with each other, and with our God. The retreat went all weekend from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon and was located out at St. Leonard’s retreat center in Lorain. There were really funny moments with skits like “Pass it to Lu-Lu” and “Celebrity Jeopardy.” As well as some really moving witnesses on everything from depression and darkness to service and missionary work. A couple of the teens are even planning on going on the Parish Mission Trip to El Salvador in March. We are so blessed to have such a passionate group of teens. They are all very different, but all touched by the Spirit.

Have a Blessed Advent, Fr. Michael

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