Sunday, June 6, 2010

Corpus Christi: Eucharistic Procession

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  1. What memories the procession on Corpus Christi brings back. We grew up in St. Lawrence Parish, and Corpus Christi was a major event each year. We would be at my Uncle Louie's house on Saturday and Sunday because they had an altar along the procession route. The streets were clean, the curbs and the tree trunks were white washed. My father and his brothers were very busy erecting the altar. Once that was completed, my Aunt Anna and Grandmother were the inside decorators, busily pleating the white fabric that the inside was covered with, and then pinning on red carnations. There was a beautiful background on the altar that was built out of cigar boxer, painted to resemble a cathedral. Monsignor Oman would carry the monstrance. We would be in the house and Aunt Chris would make us all kneel down in the dining room by the windows. The boys always wanted to be close to the door in order to get the shells from the guns that were fired as part of the ceremony. I don’t know why we weren’t allowed to be in the yard where we could see what was going on. We too would march in the procession in our communion dresses. There used to be four stops along the way, the last being at the church.

    Yesterday was the last Corpus Christi for St. Lawrence. I was unable to attend because of a family event, but seeing the pictures you posted brought all those wonderful memories back.


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