Sunday, July 21, 2013

I had the great privilege of celebrating the Marriage of my Baby Sister... "Sheri Baby"

A couple of moments that are in my mind... as I come to the end of this special day.

-Spending the night at my parents home the night before the wedding and waking up to the excitement of everyone getting ready... and then going out back on our porch to pray alone and prepare myself... as the girls were getting their hair done... My future brother in law Darren cut and styled my hair:)
-Praying with Sheri before the wedding in the bridal room
-Praying with Jeremy before the wedding in the sacristy and telling him how glad I was to have him as my brother.
-Watching Sheri come down the aisle to "River Flows in You."  Listen Here
-Seeing Jeremy so excited to receive her from my father.
-Watching them hold the crucifix that I gave to them in their hands.
-Being back at my home parish, as a Priest, the place where I was baptized, received my first confession, first communion, confirmation, celebrated my first mass, and now for the first time married one of my siblings.
-seeing the faces of my family and friends.
-watching my sister recite her vows from heart...
-watching my brothers walk my mother up the aisle...
-seeing my dad with Sheri in the back of the Church moments before they would walk in
-enjoying every moment of the day
-getting to go in the limo-bus and take pictures with the bridal party (That's a first!)

From the Reception:
-Watching Sheri and Jeremy dance their first dance "I Swear"(total kickback to the 90's)
-Playing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" Medley on my Ukulele for Sheri's dance with her son Aiden.
-Dancing with nieces and nephew.
-Dancing for four straight hours (I love a wedding when it doesn't feel awkward to dance as the priest).
-Dancing with Sheri
-Catching lightning bugs with my littlest niece Emma
-Listening to my Dad give his speech... as he told Sheri to "Take care of his little buddy..." and was so grateful for having this year and a half with him at home.
-Closing the place down
-driving back to St. Joseph with a grateful heart... I'm so grateful to be a priest, so grateful to have the family that I have, and so grateful that God allows us such beautiful moments in life.

Here's some pictures (courtesy of my Godparents) followed by the slideshow... more to come!  

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Sheri's Wedding, a set on Flickr.