Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Icon Prayer

icon Christ the High Priest

"When You Sit with Me"

When you sit with me
I am an icon,
mirror into the soul,
reflecting your phenomenal human nature.

Tell me what you see.
Your smiles and tears
etched momentarily into my heart
create an outline of soul.

Your memories
invoking ancient pigments of thought
are placed briefly on the white board of my mind.
Your words
puddle and push both intense opaque color
and forgiving transparent washes into emerging layers,
until awareness
is drawn to the perfect whole.

Your story,
the somber shadows nestled against the halo's golden glow,
in every saint's image.

When you sit with me
I am an icon,
window to heaven,
allowing the luminous divine nature in you
to be seen.

That is how I listen.

-Regina Roman

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