Saturday, October 3, 2015

Announcing A New Segment on My Blog: "Praying with Priests"

Audio Version Available - Click To Listen

If you've watched any of the media coverage on the Papal Visit, than you will probably recognize this face.

As the Vatican appointed delegate of the Holy See's Press Office to all English speaking countries, Father Rosica is the official Vatican spokesperson for North America. A position which began following the  announcement on February 11, 2013 of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation. During this critical period in Church history, Fr. Rosica was invited by the Vatican to join the staff of the Holy See Press Office and serve as one of the official spokespersons for the transition in the papacy that included the resignation, Sede Vacante, Conclave and election of the new Pope. His role has since been expanded under Pope Francis, and this very week he is at the Vatican's Synod of Bishops, where he serves in the capacity of English-speaking Media Attaché. 

Fr. Rosica is also CEO Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation, which is Canada's first national Catholic Television Network.

The network recently aired a special with Fr. Rosica interviewing Stephen Colbert on his faith, called Colbert Witness (which you should definitely check out!).

I was blessed enough to have met Father Rosica some time ago while on pilgrimage to the Holy Land. We met at the foot of Mount Hermon, the Mountain of Transfiguration! I had no idea who he was at the time, but the chance encounter was providential.

Now years later, Father Rosica and I have remained close. He has become a friend and mentor to me. He was instrumental in producing The Holy Family Prayer Medal video which was featured at the World Meeting of Families.

Last we met this past summer, I asked Father Rosica if I could interview him, specifically I wanted to know about his prayer life. How does he pray and to whom (God the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit). There is no right or wrong way to pray, and everyone prays differently -especially priests. So I thought it would be interesting to see how some of my brother priests pray as well as advice they've given to people over the years.   I've compiled the resulting interview into a new and regular segment that I will be posting to my blog, called "Praying with Priests". 

Here's some photos of Fr. Rosica in action! 

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