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Download and listen to the radio interview: "Lessons from Rwanda for America's Abortion Holocaust."

Last week I attended a workshop to train priests as Spiritual Directors for women who have had an abortion. It was a very moving and meaningful experience for me. Here’s an excerpt from the preface to a book they gave us. “Many women suffer silently with the pain of abortion, unable or unwilling to speak out because of the shame and guilt associated with their choice. Years may go by as they continue to mourn the loss, but they haven’t been able to reveal their pain to anyone. You and I know many of these women – at work, in our neighborhoods, in the church pew sitting next to us on Sunday mornings. Maybe this woman is even you. Has the secret agony of abortion robbed you of time and peace? Have you felt that your life has been put on hold? The secret to peace with God is to discover, accept, and appreciate His perfect timing and His perfect forgiveness. Right now is the time to heal broken hearts and allow God to restore the treasures of our souls.” (Florczak-Seeman, Yvonne: A Time to Speak: A Healing Journal for Post-abortive Women) If you would like a copy of this book or would like to begin the journey of healing please contact myself 330.467.7959 or contact the Project Rachel Confidential Help Line 216-334-2966 email: Our Diocese has a website with very good resources: Be assured of my deep concern and love for all of you, Fr. Michael